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Sunday, June 10, 2012

I'm Not Lazy, I'm Just Resourceful

Happy Saturday my lovely little otherbeasts! Did you chase this week down to the end of its proverbial rainbow and steal its pot of gold? I know I did.

 This is my pot of gold. You go find your own tree.

I'm sitting and thinking about something. Resourcefulness vs. Laziness. There is a difference.

(That's a very good point, Philosoraptor. Scary, but good.)

Actual lazy people have given people like me a bad rap. See, when it comes to things like dusting, I figure, why am I picking up objects to dust underneath them? I mean, every single time I've picked something up to dust underneath it, I notice that there's no dust... instead, there's a ring of dust free space with an entire ring of dust around it. So I decided that from now on when I dust, I'm just going to dust around those things, because, I mean, it makes sense.

 See how there's no dust where objects were?

See, I'm not lazy, I'm just resourceful. Like when I want a book and it's underneath 7 other books, instead of pulling 7 books off and then retrieving said wanted book, I just grab the 8th one and pull, scooting and shuffling it out slowly; so I only have to move one book slowly rather than move 7 of them. Resourceful.

 Holy Crap! Out of Bookmarks! Stack books where you left off!

Actual laziness in people I can't stand. The people that file for unemployment because they "can't get a job" and are just taking advantage of the system while sitting on their fatty fat bottoms playing video games and eating Cheetos all day while playing video games.

'Nuff said. A picture is worth a thousand words.

 Now, I'm not a rule breaker, but that doesn't mean I don't bend them. I'm a rule-bender. I think taking advantage of a system is a smart thing to do, but only in the instance that you know it's there for that purpose and that you're actually not hurting anyone in the process. I don't really agree with our government or how it's being run or puppeteered. That's another post entirely.

"Good job capitalism. Really. Good. Job." - Angry Clapping Guy

But I digress, people assume in many instances that resourcefulness is just laziness. I contest this fact because we special types of resourceful people tend to just think of smarter ways to accomplish a task. For instance, I need to tell my S.O. something important. So, do I jump up off of the couch like a good little woman and walk across the house and upstairs to tell him? If you know me at all you know the answer to that one. No, I pick up my phone and call the man. Some people say lazy, I say resourceful. Not turning on the TV because the remotes are on the other side of the couch and I’d have to actually move to get them, lazy. Turning my chicken parmigiana recipe into chicken parmigiana casserole, resourceful.

 Harley Morenstein agrees.

Just some perspective peeps. What say you otherbeasts? Calling someone who is across the house and upstairs lazy or resourceful? Consider the context of said argument and I fully admit that the context of said phone call could make it go either way. <3

Until Next Time,
<3 Shade

COMING SOON: Duck Tape Roses

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