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Friday, June 8, 2012

I've Started a Blog?

The title is a question because apparently I've started a blog - to begin blogging - but for the life of me I cannot remember what the initial catalyst was. Oh wait, maybe that's why I started a blog - because my memory is ridiculously horrible for my (relatively) young age. (No laughing.) I've no idea how I even got to this page where I'm able to post. It's almost like I set my brain on auto-pilot and just spaced out until I arrived here, at this page, with fingers at the ready. The steadily blinking cursor line waiting for my fingers to start flying across the keyboard in rapt concentration.

Nothing happened. No thoughts, no idea on how to start the very first blog of my blogging endeavor, and no good reason to start writing. As a result, I'd written the grand total of exactly one sentence over the course of seven hours. I'd fiddled with it a and revised it countless times before deleting it altogether. The screen glared back at me and so I got up and left it alone.

Having slight ADD lead me to about two dozen other things before returning to this screen. It's a good thing, too because I think I've figured out my agenda for this post. More on that in a second.

I have one thing to say. For some reason I'm choosing to believe that other people actually give a rat's asinine about the details of my life. Perhaps it's human arrogance. I know that I rarely read blogs or even check Facebook because I honestly just don't care that 'Sally ate at Jim Bob's Restaurant, like, five minutes ago.' Then five minutes later 'Sally is at Billy Joe's Movie Hut to see The Most Popular Film Ever.' I guess the bottom line is that I'm really not expecting people to read this. If they do, then super, and if they don't, then super also. I'm writing this for me. If you're reading it, well... thank you.

The conclusion? The agenda for this post is easy: the first one is always the hardest, so get the first one out of the way and be free to write about anything and everything. That's a good start.

Until Next Time,

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