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Sunday, April 7, 2013

9 Months of Dread (Dreadlock Pictures!)

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Hello my gorgeous Otherbeasts! I've had dreadlocks now for 9 months and what a journey it's been! I have pictures! I've come to sort of love the unique lumps and loops that my dreads continually surprise me with... or I am getting better at dealing with the chaos. Maybe both.

I hope that your weekend was a superb one filled with joy, happiness, peace, tranquility, and rest. If your weekend wasn't that awesome, then be thankful that you woke up this morning breathing! (It could have been worse.)

So, yes, 9 months of dreadlocks and they're still wild and crazy. I even have one I named "Ragnarok" because it looks like a Minmatar ship in Eve.

On the whole though, I'm still in love with them and I believe I'm past the "I want to cut them off" phase... only because when you get down to brass tax, I really hate brushing my hair! And the subsequent shedding.

One of my other favorites (yes, for the un-dreaded, most dreadies have favorite dreads) is one I call "my big fatty," because it's still the one that tightened up quickest, hasn't got drastic lumps/bumps/loops, soft like cotton rope, and is a pretty nice size.

Perhaps my favorite thing of all is no hair ties! It's by far, the coolest thing ever.

I advise anyone thinking about getting dreads to think long and hard on the subject, they WILL change you as a person... but only for the better. Plus every single day is a surprise because they're all doing something different than they were yesterday.

Love you Otherbeasts! And thanks for reading! Stay tuned because I can't wait to see what the one year mark (June) brings to my dread party! Take care Otherbeasts.

Until Next Time,
<3 Shade

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

50 Pounds in 5 Months! (PICTURES!)

Holy smokes, Otherbeasts! I have lost 50 pounds in 5 months (150 Days) just by eating Primal!

These are a size 14 (maybe 16) jeans that were TIGHT when I bought them.

 Mini-goal of 140 lbs reached today! That's 50 pounds lost so far! That means only 10 lbs left to shed to reach my first real goal of 130 lbs.

Same jeans, different angle.

Seems like only yesterday I stepped on the scale and saw "190" and cried because it seemed like I had so far to go. Go Primal or go home! If I can do it then so can anyone!

There's pics this time around, but the big unveiling will happen May 8th... my 30th birthday. I'm talking straight before and after pics! But in the meantime, I had to show you the progress.

Crazy, right? I'm still amazed... not with myself, but with the Primal lifestyle.
Remember, don't eat processed crap. And visit this site:
- MarksDailyApple.com

It's called the Primal Blueprint. That's all I've been doing.

So that's 10 (hopefully 15) more lbs to go until May 8th, my 30th birthday! On that day I would like to step on the scale and have it read "125." So, I'll be hunkering down now and actually doing SOME exercise. Blech. But I am almost there! Thank you Lord! This isn't possible without Him.

Until Next Time,
<3 Shade