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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Loki Recipes and Mayhem

Loki Recipes and Mayhem

Hello my Darling Otherbeasts! How I have missed you! (My internet was down for a day, it feels like much longer.)

Around this time of year the Renaissance Festival comes to town and a popular adult beverage of choice is Loki: a nearly lethal concoction of various liquors that can put even a hardened rum-hound under the table. Want to drink one glass and be on your ass? Well, Loki may just be what you like.

Don't let this happen to you. Or do.
There are a million and one recipes for Loki, some good, some great, and some just downright nasty. If made correctly the alcohol in Loki is nigh un-tasteable. Rule One of making Loki: No Dairy! If it can spoil don't put it in. Period. PERIOD. Alcohol can only keep certain things from perishing like concentrates, and even then, I wouldn't trust it past a month.

The basic Loki base is:
- 1 Gallon Distilled Water
- 2 Cups Sugar
- 2 Cups Everclear
*Over Medium High heat to dissolve the sugar, never boiled.

This makes a Simple Syrup which is a base for a lot of popular cocktails at the bar. From there you make a decision as to which flavor you want your Loki to be. Dream big and think Gummy Bears or shoot for a first try a Spiced Rum.

Keep this in mind: If you buy primo liquor, your Loki will be primo. If you buy shit liquor, expect your Loki to taste like shit. It's your call. I usually run with affordable mid-range alcohols.
Next step after you've decided on a flavor, make sure your alcohol matches what you're going for. Example: if you've decided for Apple Pie, don't buy a coconut flavored rum. Simple right? Try instead an apple flavored liquor.
Also, use two types of alcohol: a liqueur (which has A LOT of flavor and not as much alcohol) and a liquor (such as Vodka flavored with something).
NOTE: There is a difference between a liquor and a liqueur.

Let's say the flavor I have in mind is Birthday Cake Loki. I would use this recipe (halved):
- 1/2 Gallon Distilled Water
- 2 Cups Sugar
- 2 Cups Everclear
- 4 Cups (or 750 mL) UV Birthday Cake Vodka
- 1 Cup Vanilla Liqueur
- 6 Cups Cream Soda
- Vanilla Extract
- Almond Extract

I would then start mixing my base, add my alcohols, and then the extracts over medium or low heat (alcohol boils off at a high temp, so never boil your concoction). Your final step is to add your Cream Soda and adjust the extracts or sugars from there to suit your taste.

IMPORTANT: Almond extract takes the "bite" out of all those alcohols in your brew so no matter the flavor of Loki you're making, make sure to use at least 1 teaspoon of it.

No matter what flavor you are making always shoot fr the clear rule: add clear liquids and stay away from things like Khaluah, Bailey's, etc. It's hard for even Master Loki Makers to pull off a good chocolate or coffee Loki. Always go simple first. And never underestimate things like cinnamon sticks, orange peel, whole nutmeg or cloves, etc.

Never underestimate the power of candy either. Want a Macintosh Apple Loki? Use apple jolly ranchers dissolved in your simple sugar base. Pick apple liqueurs and an apple liquor. Use apple juice from concentrate or else apple cider. Sounds yummy just thinking about it.

Once you know the rules, it's simple to imagine all sorts of flavors to whet your whistle.

Remember, never drink and drive. Always have a designated driver and if your DD screws up then take a sleep somewhere until you are SOBER. One night of uncomfortably sleeping is definitely worth NOT losing your life over. If you're under 21, then screw off, get off this page and go do something else, like play outside.

End protective rant. I had to be somewhat responsible, I care for my readers, my lovely Otherbeasts, and I only have your best interests at heart. Good luck and happy brewing!

Until Next Time,
<3 Shade


  1. Is two cups of Everclear enough?

    I'm making Loki for the first time for a house of skeptics who don't think it capable of 1) Tasting good and 2) getting them drunk.

    Since It's my first time I wan't to flavor it simply with Vanilla, almond extract and possible cinnamon. What do you think?

  2. The 2 cups is enough when combined with the other liquor and liqueur in this proportion set. If you mean the simple syrup, that is a lower amount for some, but Simple Syrup is generally added to other alcohols as well.

  3. How long should the drink steep prior to consumption?