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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dreading Journey Part Three: 3 Months

Hello darling Otherbeasts! Happy October!

Dreading Journey Part III: 3 Months

Time sure does fly when you don't have to worry about styling your hair every single day! So my dreads are 3 months old - I started back in June - and they haven't changed much since installation.

Oh sure, a lot of them have tightened up substantially, but others... others are doing some strange things. I swear they're different every single day. A lot of them have gained lumps, bumps, and loops, and it's not the lumps and bumps I mind so much as the loops. My dreads literally look wavy.

Some of my dreads are flat, just plain flat; no roundness whatsoever can be found. But the majority of my dreads are, in fact, dreadlocks. Maybe they're fretlocks since I seem to fuss over them some days.

But I digress, around the beginning of July I just gave up on them, I really did. I pulled out all the beads, left them to their own devices, and didn't even palm roll them. (Okay I left in 3 beads and some silk.) But you know, just some time to themselves to mature, ya know, since they were still talking back to me with a tone I don't appreciate. After a full month of a 'zero touch policy,' I was a little shocked. Much to my surprise, not much separating was needed when I got around to doing it, and an even bigger surprise was that they didn't do much of anything (aside of going wavy).

I believe my battle to "control" my dreadlocks is being lost as I become more aware of that fact that the more I fuss with them, the more they fight back. What's frustrating me currently are my roots - I understand it's normal to have about an inch or so of loose hair at the roots - and that would be tolerable except for the fact that the roots all have loops! Blarg!

And I'm pretty sure the wicked part in my hair has surfaced, chameleoning into a "blank spot" in my dreads, thereby leading me to believe that I am balding. Plus they pick up all sort of little fuzzies from sweaters etc, but I still wash them almost every day. I know that I'm not balding but I have these terrible dreams.

Anyhow, so I suppose my status change is that my dreads are tightening up - so I've lost some length - and that lots of little lumps, bumps, and loops are appearing, and they're starting to feel like Velcro. I expected them to be softer, like a cotton rope, but they feel more like a frayed nylon one. But I'm still happy to have them, they still mean what they originally did, and they're teaching me the art of "just letting go." The control freak in me loathes that idea, but I believe it's better for me as a person to really learn this art instead of just stiffly bending in the wind like a brittle weed, rather I have started to learn to act like water - fluid, easy, peaceful - even if that water may be still slightly congealed. At least it's starting to flow.

 Oh, and FYI for you dreadies out there, I've got a shop on Etsy and I'm making big slouchy crochet tam hats since I can never seem to find any that I like. They're all handmade (crochet) out of acrylic yarn and at 18 each, a super steal. Check out my shop: Wings And Things (Click)
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My Etsy Shop (Wings and Things by D&D Studios) is full of Handmade Dreadlock Beads and Cuffs! Made by a Dreadie for Dreadies. <3

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  1. We didn't no so much about "dreads" ever ... thanks for the walk-through! We've thought about doing etsy too, but man that takes some serious commitment! I love very much the flow of your hat. It seems to hold on, but yet carries a little flop in the back. I'm probably not doing you any service here hehehe, but we do like the hat. Our thing is quilting. $18 seems to be a steal - consider supplies AND time. How do you do it?

    Our best,


  2. Ahhh ... one more thing. We FB'd a picture of your wings to our son. He's pretty conservative with money, but your wings are of great beauty! Joe plays a game you might know of called Nero? I think it's like a fantasy role play with hundreds of others where they work through character battles and such. Joe does a lot with leather work and chain (decorative, tunic, whatever) ... This is his craftsite if you are interested - You can introduce yourself as a new friend of ours :) The FB name is "Garvey Crafts." You never know the connections he might be able to share with those those who could really appreciate wings :)

    Our best,

  3. Wow, thanks a ton Anns! Will do. :) <3

  4. Hey darl, I'm actually in my 3rd month now too! and I hsve to say yours are in far better nick than mine! mine get washed once a week, but I have 6inch looseness in my roots, snd my ends are horrible!!

    some dreads are great and others not so. wish my hair wasnt such a reprobate!

    Chris, 27 , baby dread head.

  5. Don't worry Chris, they'll come around; just gotta give them time.

    1. They have actually within the past week or so tamed a fair bit :D they lay flant and even have some firmness to them! How are you getting on?

    2. Mine keep going from fuzzy to flat... just part of the tightening process, I suppose. Glad to hear yours are doing swell. :)