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Friday, August 3, 2012

My Dreading Journey Part Two

Hello my lovely little Otherbeasts! I hope the week is finding you well. It's FRIDAY!

Well, it's been two months since I "installed" my dreadlocks and I'm going through a phase... thought about cutting them off or combing them out but decided against it thanks to the amazing folk at Dreadlockssite.com. So, I've decided to give them until the end of August to stop annoying me.

Why are they annoying me? Because I did something stupid in the very beginning and cut off all the loose little strands that didn't make it into any of the dreads, so now, those are growing out and sticking up in all kinds of funny positions. Curse you hindsight! So, my hair is all fuzzy and it's driving me bonkers! I mean absolutely insane.

Also, in the beginning I crocheted them (I know, I know, it's bad for them, etc.) but I only did it a little. Okay, I did it a lot. I also used a felting needle on them... primarily because I was felting wool into some of them and got a little too happy with it.

So, ya, I've made some mistakes, but all in all, they're still really healthy - no wax, no gunk, clean as a whistle (has anyone ever thought about the origin of that phrase?) - so they're still happy dreads. Hair can take a lot, but I don't recommend doing anything I did.

If I had it to do over again, I would just use the 'Rip and Tear' method (it sounds destructive but it's actually not) or else just leave them alone. But me being me, and because of that I'm prone to perfectionism, I just couldn't leave them alone.

But I digress, I'm having a hard time with all the lumpies and bumpies that are cropping up. I know it's a natural part of the process and that it's unique, etc, but I seriously almost can't handle it. I want them straight and neat and orderly... which jut isn't going to happen. So I suppose my dreads are teaching me a lot about patience, and just accepting things how they are... but as a self-diagnosed case of OCD, it doesn't make for a pretty picture.

I'm also missing my long hair - I could brush it, style it, comb it, brush it, curl it, brush it - I suppose you can glean what I'm missing the most about my old hair. Le sigh. Anyhow, that's the update, they look a little different than they did back in June, but to me they look the same.

So for comparisons sake: June vs August:

They've grown a little, stretched a bit, shortened a bit, and generally have done whatever the fork they want to do. I use tea tree oil in a spray bottle in between showers for refreshing them and cooling me down (it's like wearing a sweater on your head!) because I hate hot weather and I'm hot-natured.

I took out a lot of the beads to give my hair a rest and to prevent weak spots, but I plan on putting them back in soon. That being said, I'm still happy with them, albeit frustrated.

Until Next Time,
<3 Shade

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  1. You have beautiful dreads, especially love the color.

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