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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mirror Mask

Aloha my beloved Otherbeasts!

Seemingly identical
At first glance
The mirror holds her
But doesn't stand a chance

Her blood runs like ice
Dark and sinister
A manipulative vice

The fire bubbles within
A shallow, hollow pit
Raging anger and fury
With malicious intent

Her heart is steel
Lacking compassion
She'll wheel and deal

She harbors right under the surface
Crawling at the skin that contains her
Ready at a moments notice
Wanting to act, wanting to answer

Calculating and cold
Cut throat and vengeful
An atrocity to behold

She does not yell
She sits quietly in wait
Nor does she shout
She waits for you to bait

While you cater to your urges
With one single switch
She's summoned and emerges

And with one effortless motion
You're a prisoner in her hell
A maniacal laugh, utterance of words
Emits from this hollow shell

Heartless action
Decisive maneuvers
Intrinsic reaction

She'll shut you down
And feast on your soul
Leaving the carcass
Pieces of a whole

Every horrid scream
Brings joy and drives her further
Delight as her eyes gleam

She revels in this game
Predator vs. Prey
And once it starts
Nothing you can do or say

Vacantly she stares
As you beg for mercy
On the cross you bear

A little marionette on her strings
Using you like a toy, she'll play
And when she's bored and satisfied
Had her fill, she'll throw you away

A result of vilification
Because you didn't care
You evoked this temptation

The one that controls her
Is soft and forgiving
Until you bite too hard
And she stops restraining

So think hard before you act
Before you shatter the mirror
Because it's already cracked.

To My Dark Phoenix.

Until Next Time,
<3 Shade


  1. Your Dark Phoenix seems to hold a lot of power. It's obvious she's gained in strength due to the weight of her ship's hold. Feeling more empowered from reading your poetry than scared, though I questioned if I should be more intimidated. I think because she's so strong, she makes it safe to have strong feelings too. Thanks for being here.

    Our best,


    1. Hi Anns, thanks so much for reading and commenting! I'm grateful to have made a friend on here. :) No need to be afraid, it was intended for empowerment. Thank you for being here as well.
      <3 Shade