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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Suddenly You

 Greetings my scrumptious Otherbeasts! How about some poetry?

Suddenly You

Then you, I met you one October day...
The sun was warm, but the air was brisk.
Never expected this to come my way;
Five months later I would take a risk.

Your golden hair shone in the light,
Your gentle yet keen green eyes like a siren song.
I was drawn to you at first sight,
But couldn't do a thing, too many things were wrong.

You, suddenly you,
Came into being.
By the fire's light,
You stood there seeing...

Watching with vigilant, wise eyes;
Observing everything with cool discerning.
Suddenly you picked out the lies,
You saw the real me and saw through her painting.

Something inside you knew,
Before I ever did,
That things like this were few,
But you waited and hid.

Months went by and I finally cried,
"Rescue me!" from these cold concrete confinements;
I yearned for spaces open and wide,
Far from that sprawling city and refinements.

You, suddenly you, mile by mile...
You came for me unassuming,
Arrived with just a comforting smile,
Saved me from cement consuming.

You never pushed, hinted, or asked.
You awakened me from deafness and dark,
You... controlled, self-restrained and masked...
Then sweet melody shook my world apart.

You let me make up my own mind,
You never planted a doubt or thoughts.
Suddenly now I wasn't blind...
You, in you I became found and lost.

Suddenly love, love suddenly;
Surrendered myself, I surrendered to me.
Unlocked my heart, gave you the key,
Unabashedly trusting you willingly.

How could I deny what I felt,
In my heart, intuition, in my soul?
One look from you and I would melt;
How could this not be right, you made me whole.

Suddenly life, alive and new.
You're my air, water, sustenance,
My years I want to spend with you,
In this, a real, true life romance.

I never knew what exactly was missing,
Until I met you and hours flew with you.
My life was incomplete and left me wishing...
Suddenly the pieces fell right where I knew.

Suddenly all the little things,
Made perfect sense, perfection.
The joy your genuine love brings,
The warmth and the affection.

You light my life up anew,
You see, something inside me knew,
That all along it was you.
No more searching... suddenly you.

Until Next Time,
<3 Shade

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