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Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Mockingbird's Advice

My Otherbeasts! How I've missed you. How about some more poetry?


Mockingbird, mocking bird,
Why, why, do you tease me so?
I want to fly too,
Fly away with you.
To somewhere green and warm,
Somewhere without a storm.
I don’t want to be cold.
Hold me, tightly, just hold.
Weather the black storm with me,
Stay through the dark clouds and rain.
Feathers, scales, ruffle as we huddle in the tree.
Nest with me, stay with me now, even through the pain.

The golden rays of the sun surmise,
They dance joyously around my lips,
They play at the corners of your eyes.
I want to drink that light with small sips.

I would chase away your Vulpine Ghosts,
You could banish my Demons’ Delight,
As we serenade something so close,
White-hot brightness would shut out The Night.

The Mockingbird’s song is cheerful.
I wonder if she’s mocking me,
For being foolish and fanciful,
As the leaves fall softly from her tree.

Or is her song mournful and sad,
Echoing a cadence she once heard?
The Oak, where she perches, is glad,
For her company which needs no word;
And while standing silent, strong, clad,
The Oak weeps and sheds before this bird,
Making room for the new green shoots of spring.
This cycle of rebirth is what she sings,
And with that sung, the Mockingbird takes wing.

Constantly dying and being born again,
Forever soaring and forever learning.
A Phoenix that’s consumed by fire to begin,
Ends yet retains the wisdom to live discerning.

Your impish grin draws me in,
And it makes me feel again.
Something inside stirs within,
I can't ignore this one whim,

Your bright, discerning eyes, like hot coal,
Bore a searing hole right to my soul.
In my mind you deal my crucifixion,
A snake's tongue will spew vilification.

The Mockingbird chatters once more,
Of the Oak that burns steadily,
Burns hot and long, embers at the core,
Of my own fire consuming me,

She sings and she’s no liar,
She twitters of what I yearn,
If you want to feel the fire,
It had better be worth the burn.

Is it serendipitous expression?
I have so much to lose, so much pain,
This fire is relentless, full of question.
But possibly so much more to gain.

Surrender to heat and fire.
Just let go, let yourself burn.
Cultivate a fresh desire,
From ashes rise and return.

After fire, scorching,
After cleansing rain,
Watch regrowth, new being,
Ascend and retain.

You will defeat,
Embrace the heat.





© Stacey L. Staudt, February 2010, Revised April 2010.


Until Next Time,
<3 Shade

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